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My Story

My name’s Alan, I’m well over 50 & went through a significant health transformation by just changing my diet over the past couple of years. I researched the food I was eating and discovered some shocking truths.

I’m here to share that Journey

Me on the Left – 123kg / 270lbs – 2008
Me at 94Kgs (206lbs) – 2020

The short version, my weight ballooned to 123Kgs (270lbs) back in 2008 due to a number of factors, mainly work stress, alcohol and shoving crap down my throat 24/7. Alcohol didn’t help, I drank because I was stressed and that had a depressive effect and so I didn’t really care.

Poor food choices, hitting the bottle and making even more bad food choices coupled with zero exercise and it wasn’t difficult to work out why I was the size of a small family car.

I would diet, loose a bit, put it all back on and then some. That went on for 11 years until everything changed.

Call it a wake up call beyond wake-up calls. I needed to get a medical for a new job, now I had not been to a doctor in 25 years, I was feeling OK, I mean I could walk the dog without keeling over, I could chop logs all weekend, never got sick.

The numbers during the medical told a different story. Blood Pressure was 180/120 and my blood sugar was 18 mmol/L – both off the charts. The nurse told me to find a GP and fast. So I had dangerously high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

I had no idea !

I woke up

I went to war.

I got serious, started to research sugar and the effects it has on blood glucose levels. I went deep. I found that not only was obvious sugar, like chocolate bars and glazed donuts trying to kill me, but less obvious food I thought was the healthy option was just as bad.


I found out that refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and potato basically turns straight to sugar in your bloodstream. One serve of white rice = 16 teaspoons of sugar! W T actual F!!!!

This Blog is about what I discovered, how I reversed my type 2 diabetes, lost 20 kgs or 44lbs in 4 months and normalised my blood pressure just by changing my diet and doing some gentle exercise. No Gym. No Jogging.

I’m writing this for all the over 50’s that need inspiration and an operating system they can realistically follow. Not a fan of star jumps, squat thrusts, push ups or running 10 miles before breakfast? No me neither. I didn’t have to do any of that, and neither do you.

Oh, and if your’e not over 50 it doesn’t matter, I’m happy to have you here – I hope you get some inspiration.

Blog Posts

All the stuff I come across or has helped me, you’ll find in the blog .

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I’ve got nothing to sell you. Who knows, one day I might write a book or newsletter or some kind soul will appear and sponsor my Carb Survivor Daily emails.

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